Take on the #SkinDiet #MakeupDetox 


Hi everyone! Long time no see .. I know! I’ve been slacking big time. But to get my blog up back and rolling I want to share this article I found and I am so for it !! Beauty comes from within, also with the help of a flawless base! We should take care of our skin and feel beautiful in it! I highly suggest you read this article and take on the Skin Diet and Makeup Detox!  




Clients of the day!


Hi everyone! So I have been so busy! But I was thinking of sharing some of the looks I do on my clients when I freelance! (With their permission of course) Today I had a sweet sixteener, two attending a family party and the fourth still celebrating Halloween all weekend long!
Hope you like the looks and gives you some inspiration!


My everyday-FAVORITE makeup brushes! (Sigma, Real Techniques &more)


Happy Friday everyone ! Today I want to share something that is super important to us beauty lovers, makeup brushes !!😍😍 I always say that if one needs to invest in a beauty product, it would be brushes! If one has good quality brushes, they can use any makeup, drugstore, high end, and it will give them flawless application! I’m going to share my favorite, everyday, go-to makeup brushes and what exactly I use them for.

Baby Food Challenge! 😱👶


Hi everyone, happy Sunday! So I decided to start a YouTube channel, which will be surrounded around beauty and fashion for the most part, just like my blog, but I decided to kick off my channel with a challenge! So, my friends and I decided to take on the baby food challenge! It was so funny and I challenge all of my fellow bloggers, even to do it just for a good laugh! Here’s the link below, and I would love and appreciate so much if you would like and subscribe!! Stay tuned for more videos!

Xoxo, Jess 😘

Baby Food Challenge:

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