Summer Beauty Essentials



We all have our own specific summer beauty essentials.  Once the weather starts warming up and it’s time to soak up some vitamin D, I know exactly which beauty products I will be reaching for the most throughout the summer months. I love the summer and everything about it, especially going to the beach and getting tanned, but I do like to protect my skin.  I can never go through a summer without having Hawaiian Tropic’s Sheer Touch SPF 30.  It is my go-to! Not only does it do a great job at protecting your skin, but it smells great and it gives your skin a beautiful summer glow.  For under my eyes, someone who suffers with fine lines and wrinkles – (I know, already!) – I love using Clarins Sunscreen Wrinkle Control Eye High Protection SPF 30 – not only does it protect the sensitive skin under the eyes, it is also very hydrating – speaking of hydrating, I can’t go without chapstick.  Especially for the summer, our lips are very sensitive when exposed to the sun, so I love to use ChapStick’s Ultra SPF 30.  

When pampering my skin during the summer months, I have my holy grail products that are irreplaceable! For my eye cream, I can’t go without Bobbi Brown’s Hydrating Eye Cream.  My skin is usually dry to normal, but when the weather gets warmer, my skin tends to be more oily, especially in my t-zone, so I like to use a moisturizer thats lightweight but still gives enough hydration to my skin, I love love love Clarins HydraQuench Cream with SPF 15 – it is my favorite !  For the rest of my body, especially after tanning, my go to skin-hydrator is Johnson & Johnson’s Lavender Baby Oil.  Put it on as your last step in the shower and your skin will soak it up and feel so smooth! On those days when I skip out on the baby oil, my go to’s are The Body Shop’s Body Butters (shea butter is my fav!) or Nivea’s Refreshingly Soft Hydrating Cream.  I’ve tried so so many body lotions, and those are my ride or dies!  And to hydrate my hair, since it tends to be dry during the warmer months, especially my ends, I love using 100% Extra Virgin Coconut Oil.  It will save your dry ends and revive your hair – brand new.  Just use a couple of teaspoons, rub throughout hair and leave it in for a couple of hours, or even over night, and bada-boom, silky smooth hair!

Beauty beauty beauty.  I love makeup and I love wearing it, trying new and different things, but once the summer comes, it gets way too hot and you start sweating and it becomes a hot mess! But I do have some products that are my go-to in the summer that isn’t too much but helps enhance my natural summer glow.  Perfume – my go to is Dolce & Gabbana’s Light Blue – enough said.  It might just be everyone’s go-to summer perfume but it is just perfect, it has summer written all over it! During the summer, I like to keep it pretty light on my face – I throw on some concealer mascara and blush, and I’m good to go, but when I do want to get somewhat glammed up and have flawless skin, my go to is Garnier’s BB Cream.  It provides good coverage and is super lightweight with a subtle glow.  I LOVE to glow.  For the summer, I love bronzers that are a little bit deeper in color with some shimmer in it and my holy grail for years now is Nars Casino.  It is so underrated and not talked about enough but it is amazing! For blush, which is a recent purchase, but I love love love, is Tarte’s Captivating. B-e-a-utiful !! It is a perfect combo of peach and coral and pink and wonderfulness in a blush for the warmer months – check check check it out!! And like I said, I LOVE to glow so I can’t go without a highlighter. My absolute favs (I obviously have a liquid and a powder) are Stila’s All Over Shimmer Liquid Luminizer in Kitten and Becca’s Shimmering Skin Perfector in Opal – gorgeous!! For shadows, I like to keep it simple and bronzy and golden for the summer, so my go to palette (even throughout the year) is the Lorac Pro Palette.  It has so a great variety of warm, matte & shimmer shades, than can compliment any eye color.  Amazing!! And for lips – I am a lipstick fanatic so I could list about 30 shades and say they are all summer essentials, but lets not get to crazy here.  I think that corals and pinks nudes are just essential for summer.  MAC’s Coral Bliss, Covergirl’s Spellbound and Lorac’s Duchess are my top fav favs!

What are your must have summer essentials?





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