My everyday-FAVORITE makeup brushes! (Sigma, Real Techniques &more)


Happy Friday everyone ! Today I want to share something that is super important to us beauty lovers, makeup brushes !!😍😍 I always say that if one needs to invest in a beauty product, it would be brushes! If one has good quality brushes, they can use any makeup, drugstore, high end, and it will give them flawless application! I’m going to share my favorite, everyday, go-to makeup brushes and what exactly I use them for.

My top two favorite brands out there are:
Sigma – girrrrl, check. them. out! They have amazing, amazing (did I say amazing?) brushes for a great price point and they will last you for a really long time!!.
Real Techniquesp- when I first discovered these brushes at ulta, I was in shock. They are super soft and leave ur makeup to be an airbrushed finish! I love them!

So here I go! I will list the order of the brushes from left to right, as show in the picture:

1- Real techniques blush brush – this is my go-to all time favorite bronzer brush. It’s just perfect to get an even application to bronze the face. My fav!!
2- Sigma flat kabuki f 80 – this is a classic foundation brush. It is worth the hype my friends! I switch between this and the beauty blender and it never lets my skin down 😁 it’s amazing. You have to try it out for yourselves to understand what I’m saying!
3- Sigma small contour f05 – this is my holy grail contour brush! It is the perfect size just to fit in the hollows of your cheeks to give u that nice chiseled but blended look, I lurvvvv it!
4- Sonia Kashuk flat shader no.103 – this is one of my favorite flat shaders, it’s nice and soft, dense but not too dense to pack on the right amount of color!
5- Sonia kashuk duo fiber – this is my brush to blend, blend, blend it all out! After I have done my bronzer, blush and highlighter I use this brush to blend it all in so it looks seamless.
6- Sigma tapered blending e35– you need this in your life. The end. 😁
7- Sigma tapered blending e40– most beauty gurus and mua’s use this brush as a blending brush, but! I use it to apply my power highlighter. Girl!✋ when I want that glow, and I always do, I load the powder highlighter on my brush and apply it to the highest points of my cheeks, above my eyebrows, the bridge of my nose, the tip of my nose and on my cupid’s bow – ooof. Beautiful.
8- Real techniques setting brush– this is a standard blush in everyone’s collection but it’s awesome, it picks up the right amount of powder to set your concealer, it’s amazing!
9- Mac 224 – we all love the 224 fluffy brush, heyyyy! I love it. I use this brush to apply my transition color and bam!👊 perfectly blended
10- Sonia kashuk no. 119 eyebrow brush– I loveeee this brush for when I went to pack on but blend out a crease color in a concentrated area- right in the hollows of my crease. This is probably one of my favorite eye brushes ever! I do not know why, but this is my favorite eyebrow brush to apply powder! It’s so dense so it picks up a good amount of color and small that gives you great precision. Try it out!
11- Sigma large angled contour f40 – when I discovered this brush to put on my blush, I never looked back at another blush brush. The end!
12- Sigma large powder f30– I love this brush because it’s perfect to run over your T-zone and powder yourself girrl💁
13- Mac 219 – a staple ladies, a staple! My favoriteeee pencil brush!
14- Sigma blending e25- this goes same for the sigma blending e35 – you need this in your life boo, the end!
15- Sigma diffused crease e38 – this is a new found love for me, now I always use it! It’s so great to pack on some more color in your crease or the “outer V” area and it blends out amazingly at the same time. I loveeee it.
16- Sigma small tapered blending e45 – I loveeee this brush for when I went to pack on but blend out a crease color in a concentrated area- right in the hollows of my crease. This is probably one of my favorite eye brushes ever!
17- Sigma soft focus shader e52- this is a slighter bigger version to the standard shader brush but it’s so dense that it packs on color amazingly and it’s a nice size to easily sweep it over your lid☺️
28- Sigma pointed crease e48– now girls, I left this for last because some people might look at this brush and be like girl- what are you supposed to do with that brush?!😳 but lemme tell you! I love love loveeee this brush for my inner corner and brow bone highlight! I do not know why but it’s just sooo nice to place in the inner corner because of its point and then you use the long bristles to blend it out! And same for the brown bone, you just lay it down horizontally and drag it from the tip of the brow to the end it looks amazing! So if you don’t know what to do with this brush, check check check it outtt😉

I congratulate you if you made it all the way to the end! As you can tell, I like to talk and express my love❤️ for brushes! If you did reach the end, like this bad boy! I would appreciate it!😌 Let me know what your favorite brushes are!
Till’ next time,
Xoxo, Jessica 😘




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